GPC Asia Pacific has significantly more buying power than its closest competitor. Our customers know their parts are sourced from quality suppliers that meet compliance and regulatory standards, and that parts are passed on at competitive prices.

Our China Sourcing Office is dedicated to sourcing, QA and compliance, and conducts regular inspections and audits. The Asia Pacific Quality Control team includes accredited engineers in Australia and China who conduct rigorous testing against exacting standards to validate product specifications and performance.

Our procurement approach is based on quality and innovation, not just lowest prices. We’re also eager for niche products with exclusive distribution rights, because our extensive footprint means we can provide real alternatives for our customers.

Overall procurement covers four main areas:

  • Sourcing products for distribution centres and stores, with a focus on quality assurance and positive relationships
  • Electronic cataloguing to make sure that our product data is clean, accurate and matched to relevant vehicles
  • Highly detailed demand planning, managed by computer algorithms, historical data and real people
  • Category and range planning to optimise how our products appear in catalogues, in stores and on shelves

In addition, we’re backed by the reach and reputation of Genuine Parts Company, the global leader in automotive aftermarket parts and accessories. This aligns us with world-class knowledge, innovation, systems, data and security.

How we source and deliver new product

Identify opportunities by recognising international trends, and visiting international fairs and factories
Select the right suppliers, with a record of innovation and quality control, together with price and exclusivity
Design and create state-of-the-art packaging for consistent brand identity and speed to market
Position products with world-class TV, radio and print media in multiple markets and locations
Develop striking point-of-sale material and signage to delight and inform customers
Provide advanced orientation and training tools for sales representatives and store teams

Leading automotive parts suppliers and brands are always keen to partner with GPC Asia Pacific. In all major automotive categories, we offer the opportunity for suppliers to put their names and innovations in front of more people, more often.

GPC Asia Pacific is committed to strong and appreciative partnerships with our more than 500+ suppliers. We are keen to provide genuine value to our customers and stakeholders right across our supply chain, by offering sustainable growth backed by innovation, efficiency and positive relationship management.

Our cataloguing and data management teams can also put complex supplier product information into almost every workshop in Australia and New Zealand, along with hundreds of stores and stockists. Such deep information doesn’t just benefit part searches – it can also feed into vehicle or accessory problem diagnosis and intelligent technical support.

Why partner with us

  • Closer access to more customers in more places than anyone else
  • Market leading B2B commerce systems and platforms
  • Proven marketing, branding and POS service and support
  • High transactional integration, from ordering through to payment
  • Robust supplier audit programs that benefit the entire supply chain
  • The stability and security of the region’s leading industry player

Program Overview

GPC Asia Pacific, operating through REPCO and NAPA, is the leading automotive aftermarket parts supplier in Australia and New Zealand, and a subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company (GPC). GPC Asia Pacific has developed a number of policies under our Environment, Sustainability and Governance Charter, including fair and equitable management of Small Vendors.

In recognition of the different cash flow considerations faced by Small Vendors, Eligible Small Vendors will be able to apply for shorter payment terms, not exceeding 60 days from end of month. In addition, GPC Asia Pacific is implementing s short form Small Vendor contract, providing a more streamlined approach to engaging with GPC Asia Pacific, and ensuring vendor commitments and risk allocation is calibrated to the scale of business.

Our Commitment to Servicing the Automotive Aftermarket

To properly service our Automotive Aftermarket customers, we are committed to offering products to support the wide range of makes and models of vehicles on the road. This commitment  leads to GPC Asia Pacific holding thousands of parts across a wide range of vehicles. At any point in time, we hold over 500k individual sku’s that need to be readily available to meet the demands of both our workshop/trade and retail customers. Due to the parts demand profile driven by such a large proliferation of vehicles in the market, our products turn relatively slowly. These factors are quite unique to the Automotive Aftermarket relative to other industries, and where a Small Vendor’s products have low stockturns we may ask that Small Vendor to support longer payment terms.

Program Eligibility Criteria

A Small Vendor meets each of the following criteria:

  • An Australian or New Zealand Business
  • Annual Net Revenue less than AU$10m / NZ$10m
  • Annual Net Purchases by GPC Asia Pacific of less than AU$250k / NZ$250k

Application Process

New Vendors to GPC Asia Pacific, where the expected business relationship meets the eligibility criteria, will be offered the Small Vendor contract and payments terms not exceeding 60 days.

Existing Vendors who are on payment terms greater than 60 days and feel their circumstances require a change to these arrangements, are able to apply for a payment terms reduction by contacting our Procurement Team [email protected]. The application process can take up to six weeks to complete.

Annual Reviews will be conducted to ensure that vendors remain eligible for the Small Vendor program, and we may engage with a vendor if the above criteria cease to be met to reassess payment terms.